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Manage your inventory effectively with FSM Grid’s intelligent inventory management software.

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Streamline Inventory to its Finest with Inventory Management Software

We can’t stress enough the importance of effective and effortless inventory management. When a business is able to manage its inventory and assets properly, it’s able to achieve its budgetary goals and realize tangible savings.

FSM Grid offers you the opportunity to use our state-of-the-art inventory management software. With this software, you can manage parts by valuation and status. You can also:

View the availability of your inventory in real-time.

Allocate your inventory seamlessly.

Track items pending return for credit.

Review items that are on order.

Apart from tracking your inventory, you can also use the software to manage vehicle inventory, assign workers to replenish stock levels, and reallocate the available internal stock efficiently. This way, you can also control your business’s procurement budget.

Intelligent Inventory Management

Intelligent Inventory Management

You can use intelligent software to manage part details, such as serial numbers, procurement costs, value, warranty days, set min/max inventory levels, and more. The software also enables you to upload your inventory lists from external Excel sheets. Additionally, the software enables your field personnel to generate and access inventory check reports quickly.

Track Inventory in Real-Time Track Inventory in Real-Time

Tracking and tracing the location of your inventory has never been easier. FSM Grid’s software enables you to track inventory in real-time for optimized supply-chain operations. Keeping track of your product movement enhances your overall business efficiency as it enables you to analyze the data quickly for optimal spare part scheduling. It also prevents you from overstocking or understocking the inventory.

Mobile Inventory Mobile Inventory

With the software, your technicians can effectively use a handheld mobile device to coordinate with the dispatch center and inventory warehouse and relay the information seamlessly. It enables the field personnel to use their smartphones for:

Checking inventory locations and parts.

Updating inventory quantities.

Performing challenging inventory management functions.

Part Request and Fulfillment

Part Request and Fulfillment

FSM Grid’s inventory management software is designed to offer technicians the ability to request parts. It generates a link that allows them to manage their request while providing the supplier with the necessary order information. The system also has the feature of allocating parts to work orders.

Track OEM Parts and Return Track OEM Parts and Return

FSM Grid also offers your parts department the opportunity to track OEM parts and returns. The system allows its users to order parts from OEM vendors. It also allows you to send the Core Return parts to the technician once the OEM parts are installed. The system has separate approval queue processes that work in tandem for OEM and Core Return to optimize efficiency.

Inventory Reports Inventory Reports

The software comes with a reporting feature that enables you to generate advanced inventory reports by vendors. It also allows you to replenish, evaluate, and write off old reports. You can also ensure that all the inventory reports have location details and no-level inventory data.
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To Experience FSM Grid

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How Do We Create Value?

How Do We Create Value?

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Gartner has recognized us!

Gartner has recognized us!

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