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SLA (Service Level Agreement) is a contract that is the key to ensuring your organization has a successful relationship with its clients by guaranteeing high performance levels. In a field service organization, an SLA covers equipment, software, and services. If an SLA is not followed, severe penalties can be imposed on an organization.

FSM Grid allows SLAs for different jobs to be configured, offering flexible ways to define SLAs with varied time measurements like response and resolution. Any tasks assigned should be performed in accordance with the SLA.

Equipment SLAs & Contracts

With FSM Grid, users can configure multiple SLAs to cover different types of equipment and streamline contract management. You can add equipment, components, and other items to a single contract, which removes the necessity of signing multiple contracts and agreements for equipment and services. When you create a work order, FSM Grid will automatically assign it a default SLA based on its level of priority. You also have the flexibility to change the priority, and the system will adjust it accordingly.

Intelligent SLA Alerts

Intelligent SLA Alerts

FSM Grid allows your systems to become smart and can track your SLAs. If the job is not being performed following the SLAs, the system will detect an SLA breach ahead of time and send a notification to the dispatcher to take corrective measures.
Any task that does not adhere to SLAs will be listed in the reports and dashboards so that the management can view the stats for such incidents.

Advanced SLA Configuration Advanced SLA Configuration

With FSM Grid SLA Master, users can configure key metrics like Time to First Response and Time to Resolution.
Time to First Response: This shows how much time was taken to respond to a service request. People want to know how prompt your service team is.
Time to Resolution: This shows the time it took for the service to be completed after it was flagged. This shows the clients how quickly the assigned task can be done, so they don’t have to lose time and productivity.

Customer vs Work Order SLA Customer vs Work Order SLA

With FSM Grid, your SLAs can be created for any type of customer or type of work. The SLAs can be created for a specific work order individually in your field service system.
Your company would also like to offer an SLA to your customers that shows that technicians must arrive at a particular time from when the work order was created.
If there is a breach in the SLA, an alert will be sent to the dispatcher.
SLA Reports

SLA Reports

FSM Grid eliminates paper trails and offers you analytics and reports in a single, unified dashboard. With the help of data visualization, FSM Grid can help you track your business processes and performance through various reports.
This can help field service organizations track their technicians and monitor their performance.

Ensuring SLA Compliance Ensuring SLA Compliance

FSM Grid allows dispatchers to define goals and create multiple SLAs for different. When a work order is assigned, FSM Grid will automatically assign the applicable SLA to the task, send alerts for expiring warranties, and send renewal reminders.
This allows dispatchers to ensure optimum compliance and serve penalties in the case of a breach of an SLA.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

SLA compliance ensures you deliver quality services to your customers every time.
If you are interested in configuring SLAs and contracts for your field service business, contact us today.
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How Do We Create Value?

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Gartner has recognized us!

Gartner has recognized us!

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