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Medical Equipment

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When it comes to the medical equipment industry, efficiency, timeliness, and high-quality work are more important than ever. With FSM Grid’s medical equipment field service software, you can build positive and profitable relationships with your customers by delivering proactive services on time and turning field technicians into life-saving and reliable advisors.

Reduce Repair Time

When medical equipment fails to operate, it not only means lost revenue for the medical facility, but it can also mean lost lives. Hence, it is vital that repair time be minimized. Once the engineer is on-site, they may need a spare part to fix the equipment.

With FSM Grid’s medical device field service software, you can track your inventory and order parts and components proactively. All components can have SLAs and be assigned warranties.

Our medical device field service management software allows data to be synced between the field and office. Using this data, the technicians can track serialized and non-serialized parts in the warehouse or in their vans, monitor the supply to keep them at optimal levels, and track their usage level so that they never fall short at a critical time.

Effective Technician Tools

Effective Technician Tools

FSM Grid is cutting-edge medical equipment field service software built for asset-centric field service. The medical equipment work order software allows engineers and technicians to access data from both the field and the office in real time and view information on work orders, task progress, equipment service history, customer history, price quotes, and more. Technicians can even access and fill out the forms in the dashboard when the internet is available, and once they are online, the new information will automatically be shared through the app.

In addition, our medical equipment management software allows real-time communication and knowledge sharing between technicians and dispatchers, so they can find answers faster. Thanks to the many features offered in FSM Grid, engineers can now get the job done faster, avoid extra truck rolls back and forth from the customer sites, and reduce operating costs.

Seamless Field Service

With FSM Grid’s medical device field service software, you can manage your medical equipment service contracts with ease and efficiency. You can set up each SLA with its own pricing and billing cycle, and each piece of equipment can have its own repair times, service schedules, and site locations. You can also set up equipment component and labor price terms and conditions, offering more flexibility to your customers and generating more revenue for your business.

Medical equipment work order software offers optimal support to your dispatchers and technicians every step of the way by scheduling and automating work tasks easily. It empowers technicians to work quickly with accurate information at their fingertips and optimize the use of time, money, and resources, thereby providing smooth and seamless field service.

Work Order Management Software

Shortest Work Order Process Time

With FSM Grid’s medical device field service management software, work orders can be auto generated from a service email as well as recorded from customer support portals, phone calls, and emails. Dispatchers can access accurate information, technicians’ skills and certification, their proximity to the work site, parts needed to complete the work orders, and more. With real-time alerts and updates, dispatchers and technicians are easily notified when a new work order is added.

In an industry where timeliness and quick service is mission-critical, FSM Grid makes sure that the response time and repair time is minimized. If you are looking for a medical device field service app for your medical equipment business, FSM Grid offers you some of the best features. Reach out to us today.

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