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For businesses that offer field services, it is crucial that they provide prompt, efficient, and top-quality services in the most cost-efficient way possible. Employing multiple vendors and subcontractors is one of the best ways to expand the number of technicians for your company without directly hiring more employees, expand your business across multiple geographical areas, and ensure your organization remains lean in terms of multi-vendor management.

FSM Grid empowers you to manage third-party vendors by submitting work orders and monitoring their activities in real-time. With the help of our multivendor management software, companies now have the capability to automate vendor assignment and dispatching, generate online payment invoices, evaluate subcontractor performance, and create quick reports for deeper insights into multivendor management.

Our multi-vendor software has the ability to manage over 2,000 vendors and subcontractors at a single time. With its superior integration technology, it can readily be synced with your existing software, including ERP, CRM, HRMS, and more.

Empowering features of Multivendor Management software

Empowering Features of Multivendor Management Software

There is a shortage of talent across the field service industry; hence, field service businesses are now looking to hire third-party vendors and subcontractors to fulfill their work. With an expanded workforce and multivendor management software solution, companies have more opportunities to grow in the market and improve their bottom line without the added expense of hiring full-time technicians in-house.

Better Security Better Security

FSM Grid offers a web-based, on-premises, and cloud-based environment that provides more privacy and cybersecurity. With our field service platform, we can protect your company’s data, your in-house technician’s data, and your third-party vendor and subcontractor’s data, with control over who can access or edit your data.

Faster Customer Service Faster Customer Service

FSM Grid, incorporated with a multi-vendor software feature, allows businesses to provide quick, efficient, and automated services to clients through the use of local field technicians. This allows you to make an accurate and shorter first-time fix rate, which can increase customer satisfaction.
Manage All Technicians on a Single Platform with FSM Grid

Manage All Technicians on a Single Platform

Thanks to FSM Grid cloud-based software, company managers, dispatchers, and technicians, whether in-house or third-party, can work through a single portal and deliver an end-to-end experience. For field service companies, the logistics of customer demands can pose quite a challenge, which is why they need multivendor management software that would handle all field service operations on a single system.

Ensure SLA Compliance Ensure SLA Compliance

FSM Grid’s multi-vendor software feature facilitates two-way communication with outside employees and allows field service companies to monitor vendors and ensure they understand the service level agreements and meet them.

Accurate and Timely Process Accurate and Timely Process

Our multivendor software management feature ensures the installation, maintenance, and repair of equipment by technicians are done exactly according to the manufacturer’s specification to minimize the risk of failure and to keep the facilities running smoothly and efficiently. It also reduces downtime by letting vendors know what spare parts are required on site.
Field Service Management Software For Multivendor Management

Quantity, Quality, and Cost Control

With the FSM Grid multi-vendor software feature, companies can have the capability to work with 2,000 technicians at a single time. The platform allows companies to compare bids from different vendors and accept the ones that suit them the most, ensuring cost-efficiency.

Simpler Workflow

With our multivendor management software feature, companies can facilitate the execution of all tasks of the vendors to optimize and streamline a business’s workflow, provide easy collaboration between managers and field workers, improve task scheduling, create accurate quotes, and improve invoicing and timesheet management.

Dedicated Partner Portal for Subcontractors/ Vendors

FSM Grid, incorporated with the multi-vendor software feature, offers a partner portal to your third-party vendors and subcontractors for streamlined subcontractor management, through which they can have real-time access to all the shared activities relevant to them. Every vendor will have their unique account, which creates ownership and makes managing tasks easier.
Field Service Management Software Benefits
FSM Grid also offers customer portals, which enables them to request tasks or view the status of the work that is being done or has been done on their site. This self-service portal is designed based on customer needs, which results in a better customer experience.


FSM Grid’s multivendor management software feature maximizes the efficiency of your warehouse through an automated inventory system to eliminate stockouts and make items available on demand.
Multi-vendor software allows companies to track their merchants, vendors, and technicians’ progress in real-time through its single dashboard and generate rich reports that provide deeper insights.
Our multivendor management software ensures operational effectiveness from the completion of work orders by vendors and subcontractors to vendor payment and invoicing. It offers access to the system to managers, technicians, and dispatchers.
FSM Grid, incorporated with multi-vendor software features, provides support to your field groups at every step of the way. This includes automated booking and project scheduling, crew management, notifications, and many other features that improve technician utilization and the efficiency of the service.
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To Experience FSM Grid

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How Do We Create Value?

How Do We Create Value?

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Gartner has recognized us!

Gartner has recognized us!

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