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Empower Your Field Service Business with AI Copilot FSM Nova

Experience the future of field service support with an AI-powered copilot shaping your business success.

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Unlock Field Service Transformation with AI-Powered Virtual Assistant ‘FSM Nova’

Experience the future of field service management with FSM Nova, your ultimate AI-powered copilot, designed to revolutionize your service operations. Let go of the traditional challenges associated with managing field tasks, such as inefficient scheduling, real-time communication silos, limited data visibility, manual paperwork pile-up, and poor customer service. Embrace seamless efficiency with our virtual copilot, redefining how you approach every aspect of your workflow.  

FSM Nova goes beyond traditional field service management software. Its intelligent capabilities empower your business with unparalleled assistance, streamlining every aspect of your field operations. This includes Nova GPT providing actionable insights, automating routine tasks via Jobs Assistant, Voice-to-Text Transcriber for faster case updates and order closures, and even analyzing images and videos through Image Analyzer.

Transform your mundane tasks into opportunities for optimization and growth with FSM Nova as your copilot by side. From scheduling tasks to resolving customer queries, our virtual assistant ensures nothing falls through the cracks. Harnessing the power of AI, FSM Nova learns from every interaction, constantly improving its responses and anticipating your business needs. Embark on a journey into the forefront of field service management with FSM Nova, your trusted copilot for delivering exceptional service every time.

AI-Powered Virtual Assistant 'FSM Nova'

FSM Nova’s Exquisite Features

AI-Driven Copilot for Better Service

AI-Driven Copilot for Better Service-Job Assistance

Immediate Response: FSM Nova swiftly responds to dispatchers and managers, facilitating rapid decision-making processes with its data points.

Data Analysis: Seamlessly processes analytical queries, generating insightful data charts that are critical for strategic planning and operations evaluation.

Documentation: FSM Nova streamlines workflow by summarizing job details and composing thorough service notes, ensuring easy maintenance of comprehensive records.

Email Automation: Improves customer communication by automatically drafting and sending emails that contain all relevant information, including job summaries, thereby facilitating effective interaction and follow-up.

AI-Driven Copilot for Image Analysis

Comparative Analysis: Quickly assess and compare multiple images, enabling efficient decision-making and analysis.

Detailed Descriptions: Gain comprehensive insights into images with detailed descriptions highlighting unique features and read data from the image to eliminate human errors.

Discrepancy Identification: Swiftly detect and alert to any variances or changes among images, enhancing accuracy and reliability.

Location Tracking: Pinpoint precise image capture locations using latitude and longitude coordinates, ensuring accurate spatial context and accountability.

AI-Driven Copilot for Better Service
AI-Driven Copilot for Knowledge Base

AI-Driven Copilot for Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base: FSM Nova efficiently processes and comprehends extensive knowledge base documents, enhancing its ability to provide accurate responses to user queries.

User Engagement:Foster user interaction by enabling queries on specific issues and ensuring precise responses tailored to their needs.

Interactive Q&A: Engage users in dynamic Q&A sessions, facilitating follow-up questions for a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Data & Image Support: FSM Nova offers comprehensive support for interpreting tabular data and image descriptions within documents, enriching user understanding and experience.

AI-Driven Copilot for Field Technician-Voice to Text

Observation Dictation:Field technicians verbally submit completion reports, which FSM Nova then transcribes into text and organizes for efficient documentation.

Automated Summarization: The bot corrects grammar and condenses voice dictations into concise service notes.

Review and Approval: Technicians assess and authorize service notes, ensuring accuracy before case updates or closures, bolstering service quality.

AI-Driven Copilot for Better Service

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  • Constant Innovation Roadmap

  • Offline Functionality for Mobile App

  • Guaranteed Quick & Easy Integration

  • Cloud or On-premises Deployment

  • Cost-Effective FSM Solutions

  • Recognized by Gartner

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