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FSM VisionAI

Contextual Intelligence Through Vision AI Technology

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What Do We Offer?

We provide insights that matter.

Empowering industries like manufacturers/retailers/ warehouses to unlock the power of real-time, contextual, and actionable insights. Evaluate KPIs, benchmark operations, enhance productivity, sustain superior-quality, operate safely, and minimize shrinkage.

Why FSM VisionAI ?

Explicitly Crafted for Superior Precision, Agility and Scalability
FSM VisionAI converts live video feeds from IP Connected cameras, security devices, drones, cellular devices into formal data insights, useful analytics, real-time alerts and information. Explore perceptions beyond possibilities of the human eye. Achieve agility, accuracy, integrity, financial-efficiency of operations & compliance.

speed Speed

Ultra low-latency and sub-second speed from cloud to edge

High Accuracy High Accuracy

Focus on 95% + accuracy on target use cases with active learning technology

scalability Scalability

Easily scales with one-click state of the art technology

ease Ease of Setup & Use

Plug and play setup in hours and not months

Cost Effective Cost Effective

Runs on optimised infra and algorithms

Interoperability Interoperability

Works with 99% of visual sensors i.e. re-uses existing setup
Contextual Intelligence Fact


“VisionAI can introduce paradigm transformation to almost every enterprise, according to an Insight commissioned IDG study. While only 10% are using it today, 37% plan to do so. 44% of organizations are actively deploying resources to explore how it may support them for future endeavors. McKinsey says AI-based vision with contextual intelligence is “rapidly taking hold across global business.”


Data Utilities
Continual Learning
Live Alerts
Long-term Analytics

How does it work?

VisionAI Open Systems framework offers contextual intelligence by leveraging the advantage of state-of-the-art Deep Learning Vision/Edge AI solutions.


Use Cases Across Wide Range of Industries

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