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The ever-increasing competition in the computer and office equipment industry means you need to find a high-tech service partner who understands your business needs and supports your business’s complex practices. With the use of cutting-edge connected technologies, businesses can now predict customer concerns better and respond proactively before the competition.

By using FSM Grid, your technicians have the power to operate more efficiently and exceed expectations. Thanks to rich data on asset performance and usage from connected devices, businesses can help create better product and service offerings.

Optimize Engineer Productivity

When setting up any new high-tech equipment, installing network infrastructure, or performing routine maintenance, a mobile field service app like FSM Grid can help increase your engineers’ and technicians’ productivity and efficiency and not decrease their performance because of remote worksites or places that have low or no internet connectivity.

FSM Grid enables engineers to complete their assigned work tasks, order spare parts, view their service history, and check SLAs right from their mobile apps.

Reduce First-Time Fix Failures

Reduce First-Time Fix Failures

If you want your business to succeed, you need to resolve your customers’ problems on the very first visit. FSM Grid allows engineers and technicians access to real-time information on inventory and to order extra parts from the field. This will eliminate the need to stockpile parts in vans and ensure that the right parts are available for the right equipment.

With FSM Grid, your technicians can also sync and access the collective relevant data from the entire company. This way, they can get answers to questions quickly, which can help them get all the knowledge required to do the task well the first time.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Customer Satisfaction

With FSM Grid, you can have clear communication with your customers and set expectations that can result in a positive relationship with them. Our field service software can send automated messages to customers to keep them updated. When a customer places a work order, FSM Grid can instantly send notifications to the dispatcher and automatically select the best man for the job.

Our software can save response time by instantly syncing between the field and office so that technicians have all the information they need in real-time to get the job done.

In addition, dispatchers are sent regular updates on how the job is progressing and whether the technicians are following the SLA. These features allow more focused work based on the customer’s needs.

Cut Down Cost

In field service jobs, it is the repair and maintenance tasks that take up approximately 33% of the technician’s time. With FSM Grid, you can use this area to implement some cost-cutting measures by accurately scheduling and dispatching technicians and tracking their progress.

In addition, it provides technicians with a checklist of the task and gives them a standard path to follow when doing repair and maintenance, allowing them to do the assigned work the right way the first time, eliminating the extra expense of resolving jobs.

Response Time

Reduce Response Time

Depending on the computer and office equipment your business deals with you will require technicians with special skills, qualifications, and certifications to handle repairs, maintenance, and deployment.

FSM Grid allows you to automate your scheduling based on the availability of technicians, their geographical locations, skills, and the assigned tasks to ensure you send the right people to your customers.

By optimizing and scheduling your work orders, FSM Grid can help you reduce travel times and optimize your technician’s time every hour of the day.

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