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Nowadays, customers are smarter than ever before and require quick and efficient services from their field service providers. FSM Grid is a cloud-based solution that can help you resolve your customers’ issues quickly and efficiently, thanks to its end-to-end field management service providers, and provides a proactive service experience.

With FSM Grid, your company’s field technicians are empowered to boost customer satisfaction through the use of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, mobile technology, and the integration of front-office and back-office processes, all while keeping customers informed on the status of their project.

FSM Grid is a specialized field service management software for small businesses that can help reduce your field service costs, simplify scheduling, estimate invoicing and billing, and obtain real-time analytics reports from a single platform that help you make informed decisions. By integrating our field software with your ERP, CRM, HRMS, and more, companies can get holistic solutions to all their field service needs.

Intelligent Scheduling and Dispatching

Field technicians need to work at maximum efficiency to achieve the goals of their organizations. FSM Grid supports your dispatchers and technicians at every step of the day by scheduling your work easily. It empowers dispatchers to work quickly with accurate information and intelligence at their fingertips, which can help them optimize the use of resources and time and make the most of their schedules.

With FSM Grid, you can organize your crew based on their geographical locations, thanks to automatic alerts that report if the agents are assigned far from their area. This creates a more reliable team of local field service technicians while eliminating inefficient routes and reducing drive time.

Provides the Real-Time Status of a Work Order

It is crucial that field technicians be able to connect with information that can help them solve problems efficiently. If you do not have a secure way to communicate with your crew, you will never know what complaint the consumer is facing, what is causing delays, and what is needed to fix the problem.

FSM Grid offers real-time communication that allows managers to view the status of a work in progress, keep the team informed, and ensure they are working towards a common goal.

Dynamic checklists help eliminate regulatory penalties

Technicians Get Job Visibility Ahead of Them

FSM Grid can guide your technicians through the entire checklist of the task even before they reach the customer. This ensures the agents remain on task, have all the required answers related to their work, and do not miss any necessary steps to resolve the issue.

When field service providers have prior knowledge of a customer’s complaint, they can order the required spare parts ahead of time, make sure the right technicians are available for any given task, and schedule work appropriately.

Better Inventory Management

FSM Grid offers innovative inventory management software that can help you organize and keep track of your inventory. It ensures the most efficient stocking method that eliminates the risks of stockouts and ensures the necessary spare parts and equipment are available to streamline the field service process.

With this software, you get a holistic view of how much inventory is in your stock and can be used in case a technician requires spare equipment. This also ensures that if a part is not currently available, workers can place an order for it ahead of time and get it when it’s time to finish the job.

Advanced operational dashboard provides real-time visibility

Customer Portal

With the FSM Grid customer portal, customers can check the status of their project at any time of the day. If they see any issues, all they need to do is create a service ticket through the portal, which will assign an appropriate field technician for that order.

This means a smoother workflow, a faster response to customer complaints, and quicker project resolutions that lead to an improved customer experience. In addition, the portal is very useful to find out information about the technicians, issue resolution time, customer complaint history, spare parts and their costs, billing and payroll, and more—all of which can help field service managers assign the appropriate technicians to a project, reduce the margin of error for technicians, and increase productivity.

Monitor and Manage

Employing subcontractors or third-party agents is an efficient way of increasing the number of technicians at your disposal across various geographical locations without resorting to expensive hiring. With FSM Grid, managers can submit work tasks to vendors and track their progress in real-time.

With this software, you can automate vendor assignment and dispatching, generate online invoices, assess their performance, and create rich reports

Smart mobile app with auto-Sync capabilities

Predict Downtime

FSM Grid also enables companies to transition from a reactive to a more proactive work model. The IoT has revolutionized the way field service industries operate by delivering real-time equipment data that is needed to make more informed decisions.

With our software, field service managers can add configuration data so that they can predict the potential breakdown of equipment and send field technicians and maintenance teams to the site before any issue results in failure that may result in unexpected downtime.

Increase Revenue and Profitability Increase Revenue and

FSM Grid Field Service Management software helps your company more effectively manage inventory levels in your vehicles and warehouses, including the ability to bill spare parts to customer accounts. This results in improved cost savings for your expensive parts and equipment by reducing revenue leakage.

It may be impossible for humans to manage all these tasks on their own, but with FSM Grid software, it is a cinch.

Online and Offline Mode
Online and Offline Mode

When you are out in the field, losing internet connectivity or getting low signals is a real possibility. Most field service programs do not work when there is no internet connection, which means no productivity for the team.

FSM Grid, however, offers both online and offline work modes. Its innovative offline option allows you to keep working even when there is no internet connection. Once you are back online, it will sync your data through the cloud automatically.

Effective KPI Tracking
Effective KPI Tracking

The FSM Grid dashboard offers field managers deep, actionable insights into their operations and gives them a roadmap to make improvements. The software offers ready data on equipment uptime, spare parts inventory, the progress of the work order, and more.

Moreover, it provides the most crucial field service metrics and KPIs, including average response time, mean time to repair (MTTR), first-time fix rate, and mean time to complete a job, that can help assess a technician’s performance and ensure customer satisfaction.

Built-in self-service portal improves customer satisfaction

Built-In Self-Service Portal Improves Customer Satisfaction

FSM Grid high-tech/high-touch software empowers your customers to self-schedule jobs based on their time frames and requirements. No other in-field service management technology is ranked higher than FSM Grid for improving customer satisfaction.

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