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Intelligent Scheduling Improves First-Time Fix Rates and More

FSM Grid, a field service management software for telecom, helps businesses in that field find the right technician for the job by analyzing their location, skillset, qualifications, and certifications. Our mobile-friendly telecom field service management software tracks the job status of every technician in real-time, so if the assigned technician is not able to complete the previous work order on time, the system automatically assigns another technician for the next order. This helps improve first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction.

IoT and Predictive Maintenance Help Detect Abnormalities in Advance

If you are looking to improve equipment and network uptime while increasing cell service for end users, FSM Grid’s intelligent telecom field service management software with integrated IoT sensors can help you detect and predict abnormalities quickly. It also helps telecom companies manage towers in remote locations more easily and efficiently.

Dynamic checklists help eliminate regulatory penalties

Dynamic Checklists Help Eliminate Regulatory Penalties

FSM Grid’s mobile app feature contains dynamic protocols to help telecom companies improve compliance and safety. Our field service management software for telecom provides checklists and step-by-step instructions to help technicians update job status, adhere to regulatory requirements, and provide proof of performance.

Advanced operational dashboard provides real-time visibility

Advanced Operational Dashboard Provides Real-Time Visibility

When your manager or dispatcher can track the status of every job, inventory, equipment, and overall performance of the organization in real-time with telecom field service management software, the productivity of technicians, contractors, and subcontractors is dramatically improved. FSM Grid smart technology provides SMS and email notifications for faster decision-making, 360° reporting, more effective QoS tracking, and other KPI improvements.

Multi-Vendor Management in a Single System

With FSM Grid smart technology, you can easily onboard your contractors onto the platform and track the real-time status of all jobs being executed by your vendors and subcontractors.

Smart Mobile App
with Auto-Sync

Smart mobile app with auto-Sync capabilities

Improve the knowledge base and productivity of your remote workforce with our field service management software for telecom integrated with Auto-Sync technology, which enables technicians to access customer information and equipment details instantly, improving work performance in remote areas where the network is not available. The technician can also see recent jobs that have been completed and the equipment utilized.

GPS-enabled Routing Helps Optimize Travel Time and Fuel Consumption

Our smart telecom field service management software with GPS tracking capabilities allows technicians to self-navigate the shortest route to customer locations and equipment pick-ups. Dispatchers and managers can also track technicians and customer locations in real-time to help optimize travel time and fuel consumption. The system even includes photo upload options to view and track field activities.

Integrates your in-field service teams with your back office Integrates your In-Field Service
Teams with your Back Office

FSM Grid’s field service management software for telecom can seamlessly integrate your remote workforce with multiple back-office systems, either through the cloud or on your servers. That means greater efficiency and productivity.

State-of-the-art inventory
 management reduces revenue leakage State-Of-The-Art Inventory
Management Reduces Revenue Leakage

Telecom field service management software helps your company more effectively manage inventory levels in your vehicles and warehouses, including the ability to bill spare parts to customer accounts. This results in improved cost savings for your expensive parts and equipment by reducing revenue leakage.

Built-in self-service portal improves customer satisfaction

Built-In Self-Service Portal Improves Customer Satisfaction

Field service management software for telecom empowers your customers to self-schedule jobs based on their time frames and requirements. No other in-field service management technology is ranked higher than FSM Grid for improving customer satisfaction.

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