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As a field-industry business, your company must rely heavily on customer feedback to make changes in your field operations and achieve your business targets. In a competitive landscape, it’s essential for a business like yours to offer your customers a comprehensively positive customer experience.

However, it’s not always easy to respond faster to customer complaints or upgrade the customer experience. Traditionally, you would require more resources to fulfill customers’ expectations. However, today, you can enhance your customer service with our customer self-service portal.

This self-help portal automatically converts customer complaints into tickets and assigns a field technician for every work order. It promotes better customer response times and improves project resolution.

Real-Time Updates & Enhanced Communication with Customers
In addition, the customer self-service portal provides real-time status of all possible information like job status, technician Information, job resolution time, job/compliant history, spare parts (and associated costs) etc. Having instant access to such critical information makes customers feel valued and helps build their trust in your business.
The customer portal facilitates better internal and customer communication by capturing relevant equipment information, reducing the margin of error, and improving the capabilities of your field technicians. The customer can register their complaints through a variety of devices at a convenient time. An uncomplicated consumer portal will be a step closer to your customer experience goal.
Our Customer Service Portal does more to make
your business run more smoothly

Your clients can use the customer self-service portal to log their complaints 24/7.

Since the tool turns all customer complaints into addressable tickets, it ensures that all your customers can receive real-time updates on their complaints.

Our customer self-service portal integrates with other legacy software, making it easy to seamlessly bill customers. This way, you will not have to change or update your software or face any downtime.

Customers have complete control of their equipment service history, parts replaced, etc. It ensures that nothing is hidden from your customers. It also enables them to review all the work your field operatives have done at their site, and if they find anything amiss, they can easily share their concern with you through the portal.

AI-Powered scheduling of technicians enables the software to timely send technicians to customers’ worksites, enabling you to fulfil their expectations and avoid any delays in work completion.

Our portal is designed to enable your back office to track the status of every complaint. This way, you can make sure that no ticket remains unaddressed.

Customers can choose their preferred time for field technician visits, depending on their specific needs and availability.

Our customer self-service portal is designed to save your and your customers’ time and effort through automated tickets and customer response workflows. Moreover, it can be accessed offline to enable field reporters and on-field customers to send their concerns, complaints, and feedback in real-time.


Here are some irresistible benefits of our customer self-service portal:

Vastly improves customer experience and customer satisfaction indices
Easy to use – simple and clean UI
Maximize flexibility – customizable for every piece of equipment
Promotes self-help – knowledge management repository can be created
Helps foster long-term customer relationships – customers feel heard, valued, and well-taken care of
Promotes business transparency – customers have access to all crucial data, which helps build their trust in your business
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