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Dynamic Forms

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Dynamic Forms Builder for Field Management

FSM Global offers field-centric businesses the opportunity to build customizable online forms via its dynamic forms’ builder for field management.

Field service businesses can optimize the productivity of their operations with dynamic forms, which are user-centric and intuitive form templates that can be deployed to the field instantly.

Best in Class Forms Management

Even though you may have dozens of customer accounts and work orders, with FSM Grid, you can simplify data capture from the field by viewing all forms via a single platform.

Technicians and managers have the flexibility to view dynamic forms and connect to data sources anywhere at any time with a mobile device.

Form Builder with 20+ Drag-and-Drop Controls

With FSM Grid’s intuitive dynamic form builder, you can create custom forms on the go with the help of 20+ controls. Our dynamic forms allow you to:

Create an ad hoc form template

Create an ad hoc
form template

Create and manage complex

Create and manage complex
forms from the field

Define multiple numbers

Define multiple numbers of
customized options

Define response controls

Define response controls, including text, numeric, rich text, checkbox list, dropdown, date, barcode or QR codes, geocode, etc.

Provide headers to firms

headers to firms


Attach checklists in the
Work Request Master,equipment,
customer type, or ad hoc

Defines field mandatory

Defines field mandatory
lengths, LOV, etc.

Export and print checklist

Export and print checklist

Allows upload of photo and documents

Allows the upload of photos
and documents

Multiple Forms and Sub-forms

Multiple Forms and Sub-forms

With FSM Grid, users can create multiple forms and sub-forms so that they can see customer data and information about customer orders from various tables on the same form.
This is a very convenient tool that allows you to create forms and sub-forms with the help of conditions and scenarios.

Capture Image, Scan Barcode and Geolocations Icon Capture Image, Scan Barcode and

With the FSM Grid, you can collect data in a smarter way. With dynamic forms, we can add valuable data like GPS location, images, drawings, character recognition, and barcode scanning. This allows managers to streamline processes, improve data quality, and allow clients to validate their jobs.

Mobile App Icon Mobile App

FSM Grid offers an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app that enables data capture from the field. Through the mobile app, users can efficiently collect data wherever they are and reroute the collected information to where it is needed in real-time.
This means no more waiting for data, information re-entry, or missing paperwork.
Works Offline

Works Offline

FSM Grid also allows users to view forms in offline mode. This means you can get access to information and collect responses, even when you are in an area with limited internet connectivity.
Once you are back online, the entries and activities done offline will automatically sync with the backend.

Benefits of Using FSM Grid Dynamic Forms Builder

Here are some compelling benefits of using FSM Grid’s dynamic forms builder for field management:
Easy & Convenient Navigation : Our dynamic form builder lets you create a highly customizable form and connect it to back-office channels and cloud services while linking to data sources on a single page. It also removes the need to navigate between pages with smart automation.
Complete Form Design Control : FSM Grid’s dynamic form builder also enables you to customize the design of your forms by splitting them into multiple pages and creating distinct sections on every page. Moreover, it allows you to use collapsible sections to ensure that even the most complex forms are easy to navigate for your field operators and clients.
Access to Advanced Features & Controls : Our dynamic forms builder for field management has a vast array of advanced features and controls that ensure seamless customization. For instance, it enables you to select the finest mobile-native data input method for each question. You can choose color-coded button groups, drop-down menus, audio or photo captures, GPS stamps, and more to customize your forms for various tasks.
Automated Data Distribution : With the dynamic forms builder, you can automatically trigger follow-up actions, such as alerts or new jobs, and email customers, send data to storage, notify stakeholders, and do so much more by setting specific automation rules.
Mobile Forms for On-Site Operators : Since our form builder is online, it allows you to access the forms from anywhere with a strong internet connection and our mobile app. You can create both online and offline forms to ensure that your on-site teams have access to them. It will enable you to streamline your field processes and ensure seamless collaboration with the on-site team.

Convenient Form Submission : Our dynamic forms builder for field management lets you send out your completed forms to every team member and department head in your business. You can send them to groups of users with a few clicks. Moreover, it also enables you to send partially pre-filled forms to on-site teams as tasks to complete. You can send customer feedback forms to your clients as well.

The finest aspect of using this dynamic form builder is that it allows you to access all its functions and fully use it without having any coding knowledge. It’s that easy to use!

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