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A comprehensive suite of IoT tools that offers full control of your infrastructure

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FSM Connect from fsmglobal is a comprehensive suite of IoT tools that offers full control of your cell tower and related equipment.

Leveraging upon our industry proven IoT experience and platforms, CTM enables you to monitor and control all your data from a remote central location, offering you constant control over your technical and power equipment.

The ecosystem of sensors, Gateway and the software platform works together to enable network operators to remotely assess operating metrics such as fuel consumptions, battery level, power consumptions, operating temperatures and to set customized real time alerts.

Energy Management

  • Energy metering
  • Automatic power switching
  • Generator monitoring & control
  • Temperature monitoring & control
  • Battery health monitoring & control

Remote Surveillance

  • Perimeter security
  • Unauthorized motion detection & alert
  • Intruder alert and tamper detection
  • Smoke and heat sensors to detect fires
  • Door open and close detection


  • Asset tracking and alerts
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Asset performance report

Diesel Generator Management

  • Fuel level monitoring
  • Automatic switching
  • Energy output monitoring
  • Abnormal fuel usage alert
  • Access Control & Intruder protection


  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Automatic HVAC switching
HVAC Field Service Management Software

As the HVAC service industry is growing, the demand for efficient, top-notch services is increasing. To meet this demand, HVAC sector companies are actively searching for state-of-the-art HVAC field service management software to support their business and meet their customers’ needs.

It’s where FSM Connect enters the picture. Our field service management software is an integrated management platform, designed for HVAC contractors to provide optimal service to their clients. Our HVAC field service management software provides end-to-end support to your field managers and technicians, allowing them to become more efficient at their jobs.

The software uses advanced tech to manage:
HVAC field schedules
Service orders & task
Service contracts
Payments & invoices
On- and off-site activities

Our software makes managing field service schedules, HVAC equipment, transportation, customer service, and more as effortless as possible, enabling you to grow your business and boost your customer satisfaction rates. It integrates with mobile tech and enables field technicians to access job details and customer information on the go. It also allows them to keep track of on-site data, payments, and field manager notes.

Features of HVAC Service Software
  • Features of HVAC


  • Features of HVAC

    Location tracking
    & routing

  • Features of HVAC


  • Features of HVAC

    Expenses, claims,
    and invoice payments

  • Features of HVAC


  • Features of HVAC


  • Features of HVAC

    Dashboards &

Benefits of HVAC Field Service Software
Here are some compelling benefits of using HVAC field service management software:
Accurate Scheduling : The HVAC field service software will enable field managers to accurately assign schedules based on technician locations and availability, thereby optimizing customer experiences.
Boosted Efficiency : The software helps you streamline and optimize business operations by automating tasks, such as customer management, time tracking, scheduling, and invoicing. Thus, it saves work hours, eliminates manual errors, and enhances your business’s efficiency and productivity.
Convenient Data-Entry : This system is designed to promote accessible field utility. The mobile app enables the technicians to track time, take notes, create invoices, enter data, minimize manual effort, and more.
Integration with CRM Software : You can integrate your HVAC field service management software with CRM software to optimize interactions between your customer support and sales teams. It will also help you utilize customer insights to make informed business decisions and optimize customer experiences.
Platform Features
An all integrated hardware platform – out-of-the-box capabilities include
  • DC Energy Measurements Tenant-wise
  • AC Energy Measurements of Grid and Generator
  • Management of Battery, Generator, Fuel
Easily integrate with 3rd party equipment viz. PIU systems, Diesel Generator Controllers, SPS, SMPS, UPS, Air Conditioners / FCU, etc.
Device management capabilities for FOTA & Remote Configuration Updates via MQTT, SNMP
Supports data management, health diagnostics, alarm/events via SNMP, MQTT, REST API with 3rd party software solutions
Ready-implementation of communication interfaces such as RS232, MODBUS/RS485, DIOs, ADCs.
Support of cellular & wireless protocols LTE/3G, LoRa, Wi-Fi (multiple SSID), BLE.
Modular design – supports multiple connectivity mechanisms, future-ready.
Standardized device definition – data, capabilities, events as normalized JSON.
Environment Sensors – Temperature, Humidity, Smoke & Fire
Pre-built integration with IBM Watson & Google Cloud Platform
512MB RAM, upto 8GB storage for offline data in LIFO/FIFO mode.
Auto-device discovery via CAN, MODBUS, SNMP etc.
Modular design – supports multiple connectivity mechanisms, future-ready.
3rd Party proprietary APIs integration support
Integrated Python Edge Analytics engine.
Benefits of Telecom Field Service Management Software
Here are some compelling benefits of FSM Connect field service management software:

Impressive Visibility:

With this platform, you get to have a birds’ eye view of everything on the field, including equipment, customer, and field operation visibility. It will help you enhance your customers’ experience.


Not only will you be able to manage all your assets, but you will have the advantage of assigning the right technicians to the right jobs and equipment, increasing your overall efficiency and driving customer satisfaction through the roof.

Boosted Revenue:

Thanks to real-time information of parts, assets, and contracts, you will be able to generate more field service revenue by planning for repairs and avoiding costly emergencies.

Proactive Customer Service:

The field service management software with its varied tools will help your technicians deliver excellent customer service proactively without you needing to be present on-site.

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